October 1, 2020
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No go in Wicklow: Planners turn down plan to build 28 homes in Ashford

Plans to build a mixed-use residential and retail development in the centre of a county Wicklow village have been refused after the national planning authority found could have lasting and adverse effects on European designated special areas of conservation.

An Bord Pléanála decided to overturn a Wicklow County Council decision made close to a decade ago to allow a 28 residential unit and nine retail unit development on Main Street in Ashford County Wicklow.

The developers, Chieftain Construction Ltd, had began the process in 2008, looking to build the 20 three-bed and eight four bed homes, as well as nice retail units across five, two-three storey blocks on a site in the centre of the village.

Just last week, An Bord Pléanála overturned the permission granted by Wicklow Council fearing the development would hafve a lasting detrimental impact on the nearby special conservation area of the Murrough Wetlands.

In coming to its decision to overturn the granted permission, An Bord Pléanála said: “The proposed construction works involved in the subject development have the potential to have significant effects on The Murrough Wetlands Special Area of Conservation and The Murrough Special Protection Area.

“In the light of the conservation objectives and qualifying interests of these two European Sites, through negatively affecting water quality in these sites via groundwater, and that, in the absence of mitigation measures, as set out in the submitted Natura Impact Statement, the development would adversely affect the integrity of these European Sites.

“The Board cannot be satisfied, beyond reasonable scientific doubt, that the development for which retention is sought would not have had significant effects on these European sites and therefore that the development for which retention is sought would have required Appropriate Assessment.

“In such circumstances, having regard to case law and to the provisions of Section 34 (12) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended, the Board is precluded from granting planning permission or the subject development,” the decision concluded.

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