October 28, 2020

Wicklow soccer club blows whistle on activities after player tests positive for virus

A Wicklow soccer club has suspended all activities after one of its players tested positive for Covid-19.

Wicklow Rovers soccer club confirmed the player did not show any symptoms but tested positive for the virus after undergoing a “routine work related” Covid test.

The Wicklow Town-based club said the result had “come as a surprise to the player, his team-mates and his mentors”.

In a statement posted on social media today, the club said it is taking a series of preventative actions in the wake of the positive test result.

It said: “All club activities will be now suspended with immediate effect for a 14 day period or till the club can advise otherwise.

“Contact tracing is taking place by HSE officials and close contacts will be identified and contacted. Players and mentors will follow health advise in relation to isolating and health monitoring.”

Wicklow Rovers urged all of its members, players and coaches “to maintain vigilance in the battle against Covid”, adding: “We wish you all a safe passage through these difficult times we find ourselves in, please stay safe.”


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