September 28, 2021
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Wicklow soccer team back in action after player tested positive for Covid-19

A county Wicklow soccer team has reopened its facilities after a player tested positive for Covid-19.

Wicklow Rovers said further tests revealed the player’s case was a “historical positive”, that they had been diagnosed with the virus back in March during the lockdown.

The club said in a statement: “This particular player has previously been diagnosed COVID-19 positive back in March during the lockdown period, was isolated and recovered at the time but could still show up as a positive result but is now not infectious/contagious and is free to return to his normal daily duties.

“Other squad members were also tested as a result of this issue and we are pleased to announce that their COVID-19 results have returned a negative result. We as a club are relieved and delighted that all our players that were tested have received a negative result.

“We have received official notification from the relevant authorities which will allow us to reopen the club facilities and start back all club activities within the FAI return to training protocols and procedures.”

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