August 3, 2021

Wicklow’s Lakers make emotional appeal for support as they struggle to stay afloat

Lakers Sports and Recreational Club have made an emotional appeal for support after it was forced to close two weeks ago due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

And now the club, which supports adults and children aged 5 to 70 with intellectual disabilities, has come up with a unique way of raising sponsorship by launching Lakers Virtual Challenges next week.

“For anyone out there who was planning to do the Mini Marathon, Lakers Roundwood Run or other sporting events cancelled, we have a great alternative,” the club says.

“If you want to stay safe, social distance and stay fit. Lakers Virtual Challenges are great way to have fun, join a community of challengers and help a good cause.  You can choose from our 10 k Virtual Race, or our 5k a day challenge. The great thing about these is they can be done any time any where.”

To find out about how the virtual fitness challenges work click here.

“As you may know, Lakers had  to close their doors two  weeks ago to ensure the safety of our members.  Many of our members who have intellectual disabilities are also really vulnerable to coronavirus and have compromised immune systems so are not only at home but self isolating,” a statement from Lakers adds.

“We are trying our best to supply some of our activities remotely, online and through facebook to make sure our members are still supported, and do not feel too isolated.

Families and carers are also struggling without the supports or respite that our club and other charities like ours supply.  Lakers want to make sure that we are not only able to supply more activities online, but that we can also support families and members as much as possible when we are back open.

“Funds are majorly in decline for our club since none of our fundraising events can go ahead, we have also had some of or grant opportunities cancelled. Because this is such a scary for us so we have begun to get creative.”

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