May 8, 2021

Winner winner, chicken dinner! How impulse purchase made Wicklow man Ireland’s wealthiest Lotto winner of the year

When a hungry county Wicklow man dropped into a local service station to pick up a chicken fillet roll, he had no idea that he was about to become the biggest Lotto winnner of the year.

On August 21 last, the man stopped at the garage on the Monastery Road in Enniskerry and bought a Lotto Quick ticket with a tenner he recieved from a happy customer at work.

This impulse purchase would net him a whopping €11,225,280, which the National Lottery has confirmed was the highest Lotto jackpot prize of 2019, and the year before.

The Wicklow winner was among 30 new millionaires created by the National Lottery last year and was the largest individual prize from a record €640 million won across the country.

The biggest National Lottery prize paid out in 2019 was the record breaking €175 million EuroMillions jackpot which was won by the ‘Naul Family Syndicate’ last February. In total, €266 million in EuroMillions prizes was won in Ireland last year.

It was also another record breaking year for scratch card prizes with figures showing that a total of over €188 million was won by players throughout the country.

In 2019, National Lottery players also raised over €250 million for Good Causes, up over 9% on last year’s figure of €228.5 million. Approximately 1.4 million adults participate in National Lottery games on a weekly basis ensuring this vital contribution to Irish society continues to grow and to support more Good Causes all over Ireland.

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