What is a VoIP Business Phone System?

What is a business phone system?

Have you ever wondered how a business phone system works? More importantly, have you ever wondered how it can help your company to operate with full potential in terms of communication? A Business Phone System is a group of phones that are set up to allow a business to communicate internally and with the external world at the highest efficiency possible. This system professionally manages all incoming and outgoing calls and provides rich reports, together with the possibility to integrate with other business systems.

How does a business phone system work?
It operates by an on-site Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or a Cloud-based Phone System. The PBX is now considered to be outdated and old technology and is being replaced by Cloud technology. Soon all business phone systems will use Cloud Technology. This means that users of the Cloud-based System can communicate with customers and other staff members through the Internet, whenever and wherever they are.

A business phone system manages incoming calls as follow. When a customer rings your business, the system will perform pre-set actions based on a variety of criteria. The caller could hear a greeting message with a menu option to route the call or just have the call designated to a specific extension, for example, reception phone. Or if it is out-of-office hours, the system can offer voicemail to the caller, divert the calls to a mobile number or play a message informing your opening hours and an emergency number. The calls could be recorded and saved in the customer profile in a CRM. These are just few examples of actions and the system is customizable to meet the business needs.

VoIP Business Phone Systems
Today it is possible to have a business phone system that works over the internet. A Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) System allows a business to communicate using the internet connection instead of the physical phone lines. This means that a business does not have to invest in equipment to handle the calls (example PBX), to have an engineer on-site to deploy lines for each desk and get paid for every call out for maintenance or customization needed. Before VoIP, it was too expensive for small and medium businesses to have a full featured phone system and still would face some limitations from the lack of VoIP, such as integrations, multisite connectivity and remote work mobility. Thanks to VoIP, Business Phone System has become more affordable as it cost a fraction of previous technology (from €5/user/month. Check our phone system prices page), scalable as it can add new users at any time in a matter of seconds, and flexible as it can be customized, integrated and deployed in multi-locations.

Cost-Effective System
A business phone system can be very cost effective. A VoIP phone system is much more efficient than a traditional landline. Better communication means more business for you! They are also generally more cost effective than the traditional phone system. Features such as auto-attendant with menu option mean that you do not have to pay a staff to answer the calls and then transfer them to specific departments that could be receiving routed calls automatically. They can save any company substantial sums of money every year.

A business phone system can be configured so that it is a good fit for a small, medium business or Enterprise. We can help you set up everything within 10 minutes to start improving your business straight away.

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